CrewStudio is a UGC (User Generated Content) video capture application targeted to NGO’s and corporations.

CrewStudio has been released by wtv. in q4 of 2018 and has moved on to win several awards.

Initially, CrewStudio was thought of by a client who wanted a cheaper means of capturing content. Taking away the need for camera crews, but still maintaining producer level control of captured content while utilising the mobile devices everybody has access to nowadays.

wtv. Took the assignment and we started developing the mobile application as well as the administration panel.

This project was to increase the user experience of the administration panel for our clients.

" CrewStudio has been highly praised and even awarded. However, the experience with the administration panel leaves a lot to be desired. It’s not friendly nor intuitive. It’s not pretty either. We want to keep the functionalities that are in place, but re-do the look & feel completely. "

  • Persona workshop & journey mapping
    Identifying who our core users of the administration panel are. Who to design for. We’ve found that our key users are marketing and social media managers/executives. People who have some experience with digital platforms. This meant we did not have to dumb it down exponentially.
  • User flow diagram
    We’ve taken the user flow of the old interface and some feedback and questions of end-users we’ve received over the last year. These questions and this feedback helped us identify some pain points in the user flow. We also took the changes of functionalities that were added or adjusted separately. These were reviewed to see if their location in the user flow was the most logical one.
    Not wanting to confuse our clients too much with a new UI, we made minimal changes to the workflow and instead focused on highlighting and positioning the action elements.
    The biggest change we made was the landing page which now included a dashboard that was not previously present.
  • Wireframing & visualization
    Based on the above research, we’ve gone ahead and created the core layout of our administration panel. During this time, the project of EasyWebCast started as well.
    Keeping this change in mind, we’ve decided to make the elements as easy to change as possible. This was already inherent since CrewStudio is also a white-label product.
  • Design system
    During this project, the EasyWebcast project also took off. The business wanted to create a recognizable look & feel across its platforms. This is where the design system came into place.

In order to gain approval of the Product Manager and the board of directors, a clickable prototype was made in order to display the required functionalities on both organisation, sub-organisation and end-user levels.

In addition we displayed the functionality of an embedded video editing tool within the administrator platform.

The prototype was used in the pitch to the board and the stakeholders and approved.

A grant was made available and the development commenced.

CrewStudio's admin platform went live 6 months later.

As a result of the dashboard application rolling out to the public, the platform has been adopted by some of the biggest corporations, NGO’s and organisations out there.

The fact that the Mobile App and the dashboard are completely white-label, it meant that we could reach out to a wide-audience for cost-effective UGC video creation.

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