World Television ltd. (wtv.) was looking for a way to promote their StreamStudio webcasting platform. This platform has been around for over 10 years and used a legacy code stack that did not allow for cost-efficient further development.

However, the StreamStudio solution has been extremely stable, secure and reliable, and as such is the heart of all of wtv.'s corporate webcasting.

With the pandemic hitting the world, the necessity for virtual events became a high-demand topic in 2020.

" While not every corporate webcast requires an on-premise producer due to its size, the demand for quick and easy webcast creation is apparent. We should be able to provide our clients with an easy to use, self service webcast solution."

The urgency for the platform was clear. The pandemic hit and there was an immediate need for moving events digitally.

With the secure and stable StreamStudio we could build an API that would connect with a new platform to market as a self-service solution for corporate webcasts and events.


With the CrewStudio SaaS platform in the process of completion, we wanted the software package of wtv. to become a uniformity in terms of design. As such we've taken the design system of CrewStudio and created the EasyWebCast solution in the same style.

Of course the dashboard's content and navigation required it's own user research.

On top of that we designed a wizard solution for our clients to create and stylise their own webcasting pages to their corporate branding.

EasyWebCast has been built in Angular/Next.js as a stand-alone front-end application.

A REST API was utilised to connect to the StreamStudio platform that needed to be able to interact with webcast creation and user registration.

The local information such as analytical data, user database etc. were stored using a MongoDB solution.

EasyWebCast integrated with the following platforms:

  • StreamStudio:
    For creation and modification of past and upcoming events.
  • PresenterConsole:
    wtv.'s in-house console for webcast chat / slide management / moderation.
  • Auth0:
    For corporate security purposes and SSO easy of access.

On top of wtv.'s own StreamStudio, we also integrated the option to create webcasts via:

  • Zoom
  • WebEx
  • Microsoft Teams

EasyWebCast was rolled out during the beginning of 2020. With EasyWebCast being a part of the StreamStudio solution, and wtv. using the naming of their products ending with -studio, it has since been renamed StreamStudio - SelfService.

The platform continues to be used by corporations such a Deloitte, HSBC, BP and many more.

It has been praised for its usability, flexibility and integrations to 3rd party platforms.

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